whimsicallyyours submitted: “This opinion appeared in The Augusta Chronicle in a section where basically stupid people submit whatever stupid thoughts strike their fancy, and the most racist and conservative ones get published. It’s not very unusual for the Augusta Chronicle; the sad(der) part is that a guy I graduated high school with (who is about 22 years old) posted this on Facebook and SEVENTEEN people, several of whom were my age also, liked it. Isn’t our generations supposed to be the teensiest bit more progressive than this?”


Oh, and I love the last line: “We paid for your body to be disposed of in a Christian manner!” That’s right; this lengthy racist poor-hating screed was written by a Christian. Surprise, surprise. I like how it’s addressed to schoolchildren who can’t afford supplies. Damn those impoverished fourth graders and their sense of entitlement from the hardworking taxpayer!

I live in Augusta and this doesn’t surprise me one bit. The ignorance in this city. 

(via radiuss)